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I am trying to write an application(I am using python) to have a copy of a remote machines directory structure in my local machine (not the actual content of the files in the remote machine). Once I store it in my local machine, I want to be be able to perform the following operations on my local copy of the tree structure


"ls /etc"

"ls /etc/bin/yahoo"

and see the listing. Also if I change/add a dir/file name in the remote machine, I want to have the ability to easily update it in my local data structure.


Some people suggested using Nested Set Model. I think updating it is an expensive process.

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What's your specific question? –  Neville K Oct 17 '11 at 5:23
whats a best/easiest way to store a tree structure from the output of "ls -R" ? I want to keep a copy of this in a local file(/or db) and if anything changes on the remote server, update this file. –  amehta Oct 17 '11 at 17:54

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I think you should declare a class which has a list of its own type. Basically a simple tree structure.
For ls: Just dispay all the child recursively.

For any new addition: Add it to the parent directory node's child list as a child.

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