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I have field X of type ILIST <ITopics>

I am trying to do this:

Object.X= AListOfSometypeThatInheretsITopics;

How do I properly cast the list to the Object.X?

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This requires generic variance, which is unfortunately not possible with IList<T> because it expresses a mutable list interface. Your best bet is to either use a non-generic IList or a generic IEnumerable<T> (which is amenable to variance as of C# 4) as the field/property type, or convert it by a mechanism such as

x = inputList.OfType<ITopics>().ToList();

to obtain a list of the appropriate flavor.

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object.x = IList<ITopics>.ofType<ITopics>().ToList()
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you can use the IEnumerable<T> extension method Cast

Object.X = yourList.Cast<ITopics>().ToList();
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That gives you an IEnumerable<T> not an IList<T>. –  Jeffrey Hantin Apr 22 '09 at 20:08

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