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The fact table is a weekly snapshot of help desk tickets with 1 row per ticket per week. The ticket dimension contains TicketAgeTarget. I would like to add to the fact table TicketAgeTargetIndicator which is simply 1 or 0 set by the age of the ticket exceeding the TicketAgeTarget, or not. Now TicketAgeTargetIndicator is cumulative which qualifies as a fact however my feeling is the grain is altered? Is it?

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It's altered if your logic depends on days (or a finer grain) rather than weeks. Imagine if you had a separate record for all tickets each day. Would they all switch from 0 to 1 on the same day, or would they tick over in batches, one day at a time? If the latter, then yes your grain has changed.

You may be able to retain your current grain by splitting your facts into "Num Old Tickets" and "Num New Tickets".

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