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Java: How to convert List to Map

I have arrayList

ArrayList<Product> productList  = new ArrayList<Product>();
 productList  = getProducts();  //Fetch the result from db

I want to convert to ArrayList to HashMap Like this

  HashMap<String, Product> s= new HashMap<String,Product>();

Please help me how to convert to HashMap.

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Does Product have a unique property(ies)? –  SimonC Oct 17 '11 at 4:59
Yes.ProductCode is unique –  Piraba Oct 17 '11 at 4:59

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The general methodology would be to iterate through the ArrayList, and insert the values into the HashMap. An example is as follows:

HashMap<String, Product> productMap = new HashMap<String, Product>();
for (Product product : productList) {
   productMap.put(product.getProductCode(), product);
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Using a supposed name property as the map key:

for (Product p: productList) { s.put(p.getName(), p); }
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using your comment about productCode (and assuming product code is a String) as reference...

 for(Product p : productList){
        s.put(p.getProductCode() , p);
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