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I need to run the unit testing with rebar , after executing , I need generate the test result xml file.

I know , by default , rebar can generate html file. 1. Is there some parameters to control the rebar to loading the unit testing result in xml ? or some other way to make xml file by rebar ?

not limit in rebar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or using some other test tool to run the eunit test, meanwhile , generate the xml file .

for example , in .Net after compiling , we can use MSTest.exe , Nunit.exe(or other tool) to schedule the testing, getting trx file by MSTest.exe , getting xml file Nunit file by Nunit.exe

here , I want to know, there some tools to run the unit test and loading the result into xml like these ways ?

Thanks a lot!

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Assuming you are using eunit, put {eunit_opts, [verbose, {report,{eunit_surefire,[{dir,"."}]}}]}. into your rebar.config. This generates a surefire compatible xml output that is parseable by a number of plugins and tools.

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