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In thread related Mbeans of Tomcat I see under Catalina.ThreadPool.

there are different attributes viz. maxThreads, currentThreadCount, currentThreadsBusy etc.

So, where can I get the description of these Mbean attributes, what each of these attribute is indicating, I need to include this in my monitoring automation code, Which will provide the Thread utilization stats.

also possible I would like to see the Source code, where can I get it?

When I see the Mbean class name (through jconsole) it shows as org.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.BaseModelMBean, but when I go through the source code of BaseModelMBean I see there are neither fields or data members representing these attributes mentioned above part of this class or the interfaces it implements.

Then which implementation of the Mbean is being represented here??

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You can read about getCurrentThreadCount(), getCurrentThreadsBusy() and maxThreads in JIoEndpoint: Javadoc or Source

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