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I am testing a service which is using config attributes and concatenates it to a string, like that: + System.getProperty('file.separator')
 + <filename>

When running the test for the above method containing the above code I receive the following error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: is applicable for argument types:
(java.lang.String) values: [\]

Why is the plus operator not available in my integration (or unit) test?!

Any help appreciated


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3 Answers 3

This is the error that you see when you haven't defined a config variable. You've probably defined the in another environment, but not the test environment.

In a unit test, you should be using mockConfig as Don's answer suggests, but in an integration test, you can use the grails configuration framework just as you would when running the app.

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I guess should return a String, but it's returning a ConfigObject instead (which doesn't overload the + operator). I've never tried using GrailsConfig in an integration test, so I don't know if this code is expected to work.

A better approach might be to mock the configuration values using mockConfig instead.

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Ok, I found the issue... All String attributes must be in quotes when using mockConfig which is not the case in out config properties file.

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