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This is my piece of code which does not work.

if ( $("div#verticalScrollbar").css("top") >= -70+"px" ) {
        alert("does work!");

I literally WANT to say: If the top position is -70 or greater (like -71, -100, -444, etc.) then do the alert.

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-100 is smaller than -70.... but your actual problem is that you are comparing strings, not numbers. –  Felix Kling Oct 17 '11 at 7:48

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-100 is lower than -70, not greater - thats one problem here. another one is you're comparing string where you should compare numbers - just use parseInt():

if ( parseInt($("div#verticalScrollbar").css("top"), 10) <= -70 ) {
    alert("does work!");
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It looks like you want to compare numerically. jQuery’s css method returns a string, so you need to convert it to a number, using JavaScript’s built-in parseInt function:

if(parseInt($("div#verticalScrollbar").css("top"), 10) <= -70) {
    alert("does work!");

(Also, as pointed out by oezi, -100 is less than -70.)

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