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I want to wrap this simple function:

       double foo(int a, int* b)
          double div = ((double) a) / ((double) *b);
          *b = a + (*b);
          return div;

what i'm trying to do is this:

      cdef pyfoo(int c, int d):
         res = foo(c, &d);
         return (res, d)  

I want to return a list of values, but using cdef it does not work it gives me the erroe: AttributeError no attribute pyfoo If instead of cdef i use def or cpdef it works.

Is there some way in cython to do this using cdef?

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cdef functions can't be accessed by Python code. That's why they're fast: calling functions from Python is always slow.

The solution is using cpdef instead, so that it's both accessible from Python and fast when called from C. Or, don't call it from Python code.

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Thank you,I've understood it now. – Alex Vl Oct 17 '11 at 11:46

The problem seems that cdef creates a function with a C signature and C call semantics. They cannot be called by Python. cpdef should be used to provide a Python wrapper around a cdef function.

Look it that way: cython is providing a bridge between C and python. cdef is the on the C end of the bridge. cpdef is on the Python end of the bridge.

There is a nice talk about cython.

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Actually, def is at the Python end. A cpdef is at both ends; both callable from Python and fast from C. – Petr Viktorin Oct 17 '11 at 8:51

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