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I want to create a communication between a windows service and a desktop application on Windows 7. I read that named pipes are one way for communication between two processes. Can i use them for my purpose?

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That depends, what is your purpose? What does the app do? The most common route is a WCF service over HTTP, does that sound suitable? – Kieren Johnstone Oct 17 '11 at 9:00
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sure you can use named pipes, WCF many other IPC methods.

for named pipe example among stack overflow questions, see here as well for some backgound:

Inter process communication using Windows service

also check this one: GUI and windows service communication

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As indicated above, there are lots of options available. Just be aware that if you go the TCP/IP route (e.g. WCF), the user will have to have a valid network connection (a loopback adapter will work) otherwise your client and service won't be able to communicate.

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Go with WCF, it's a good solution to start.

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