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i am trying to target a group in run time.

here is a simple code

var removeGroup:Group = new Group(); 
removeGroup = getElementAt(swap);

it gives error since getElementIndex return IVelement. How can i make it to target the group at specific index in my created mxml.


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Well you can either use strong type conversion :

removeGroup = Group(getElementAt(swap));

Strong conversion is recommended, but it can throw a RunTime Exception.

Or weak type casting :

removeGroup = getElementAt(swap) as Group;

Weak casting is not recommended unless you want to check the type of your object, as it will return null if no conversion can be done :

removeGroup = getElementAt(swap) as Group;

if (removeGroup == null) {
    trace("Not a Group");
} else {
    trace("Found a group at " + swap.toString());

Your question should be renamed to better describe that it is about converting the returned object of a method...

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