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Do you know any chess move validation library for ActionScript 3 ? I have searched in google but I can not find anything. Please tell me if you know.

If there isn't any library, I think that I have to port from Java to AS3.

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I think I'd just write it because it is going to end up very tightly bound to your game/position representation.

Think about it: ust legal moves, or move validation in game context (50-move rule, 3-time repeated position, en-passant, promoted pieces, castling availability...?).

You might even have to pass the entire move history for the game.

It is not that much work if you think about it.

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That one has code included for a chess move validator. Check it out

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Is using java ok from inside actionscript? –  sehe Oct 20 '11 at 0:28

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