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I am looking for a list of cities by country (the countries I mean here are all countries that exist on planet Earth) i want to show the English and Arabic names of the country and s city. Is there any open-source SQL database available online which I can download and use, Excel file I Can use?

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You can take a look at http://www.geonames.org/export/ or http://www.geodatasource.com.

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The World Gazetteer provides a downloadable file that contains a list of all cities, towns, administrative divisions and agglomerations with their current population, their English name parent country.

World Gazetteer


Download the file here: (3 MB)


Additional information - Structure of the file - Importing the file to Excel



Another option would be the Geobytes database.

GeoWorldMap is a database that contains the cities of the world with their country, region, latitude, longitude and more.


Download here:



For the Arabic names, try to connect to google translate API and send the database one by one to translate them, I think it should work nicely.

I cannot find a similarly accurate database in Arabic...

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