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It seems the EOL style in our current project isn't consistent. I'm looking for a Visual Studio plugin/extension to show the EOL style in the currently opened file as either LF, CRLF or Mixed.

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try to used the below codes

Dim TextLine As String
FileOpen(1, "TESTFILE", OpenMode.Input)   ' Open file.
Do While Not EOF(1)   ' Loop until end of file.
   TextLine = LineInput(1)   ' Read line into variable.
   Debug.WriteLine(TextLine)   ' Print to the Command window.
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Not exactly what you looking for, but there is a build-in feature:

Tools -> Options

Environment -> Documents -> Check for consistent line endings on load

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Thats what Im using right now, but its only checked when the file is opened and consantly closing and reopening files proved to cumbersome. – Mizipzor Oct 17 '11 at 13:46

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