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is it possible to access a subpage of a page tab app in Facebook via the browser URL? I've programed a lottery game where the users can share/like/send each single post to their wall/friends. The Like-Urls of the Posts link to the plain web-page out of Facebook (e.g. http://my-own-app.com/post/the-post-slug/). But I want to target the URLs to the page tab app directly so that the Facebook will passthrough the data to the app (loaded by iframe) e.g. http ://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Page-Where-the-app-is-included/123456789?sk=app_my-app&passthrough-url=http... <- is sth. like this possible???

Thanks in advance, greetings mbx

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This is covered in the Page Tab App Documentation near the bottom - see the section marked 'Integrating with Facebook APIs'

Short version: whatever you pass in the app_data parameter as a GET parameter will be passed to your app in the signed_request (in a parameter also called app_data) sent to your app.

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