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I have used CakePHP in my application. But it has a weird problem. Some times a user is being automatically logged out after within few secs. How to stop this auto log out?

I have set below codes in my app/config/core.php:

Configure::write('Session.timeout', '120');
Configure::write('Security.level', 'low');
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Does it happen from time to time or always? does it happens with a specific user or any user? –  api55 Oct 17 '11 at 13:11
@api55:- It happens for sometime not always . –  Priyabrata Oct 18 '11 at 6:27
try to check your actions maybe you are destroying the session or cookies some where. –  Isaac Rajaei Jan 30 at 15:22

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I had a similar problem once. At that time the random loggin out stopped after I fixed a 404 request on one of the images called by a .css file. By that time I was running CakePHP 1.3 though and I have never had a similar issue on CakePHP 2.0

Its commentend on the answers for this question CakePHP session/auth logging out intermittently that:

The 404 request apparently can reset the Cake Auth/Session, not a generic PHP issue

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