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I have a Telerik Ajax bound grid containing a Html.ActionLink for deleting a record. On clicking this link, a Telerik Window opens which is contained within a Html.BeginForm tag.

In this form, there is a telerik Window having 2 buttons "Yes" and "No" for confirmation. This thing works pretty much fine but only problem is that when I delete a record, the entire page is refreshed which is not required.

I am thinking about converting Html.ActionLink to Ajax.ActionLink and Html.BeginForm to Ajax.BeginForm.

How can I Ajax-enable my Html.ActionLink and Html.BeginForm?

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You should use the built in grid features. In the databinding section, declare your delete action

.DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding.Ajax()
                                       .Delete("_AjaxDelete", "ControllerName")

Then add a command button to the columns array

columns.Command( o => o.Delete().ButtonType( GridButtonType.Text ) );

and that's it. Your delete action will delete the record (takes an int id parameter) and then return return _AjaxBinding(); at then end of the action.

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