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I need to display several models name & objects in a template

Here is my view

def contents(request):
  """Lists Objects"""
  objects = [
  return render_to_response('content/contents.html', objs
  , context_instance=RequestContext(request)

My template

{% for objs in objects %}
  <div class="object">
    <div class="object_name">{{ get_verbose_name objs.0 }}</div>
    {% for obj in objs %}
      <li>{{ obj }}</li>
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

And my template filter

def get_verbose_name(object):
  return object._meta.verbose_name_plural

This works only if there is at least one obj for each Model in the database.
How can I get the verbose name of each Model if there is no data ?

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You are trying to get a model from the first object in the list. This way, if this object does not exist, you won't get anything.

Try to use a query set instead:

{{ get_verbose_name objs }}

def get_verbose_name(queryset):
  return queryset.model._meta.verbose_name_plural
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Working thanks ! –  Pierre de LESPINAY Oct 17 '11 at 10:36

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