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I have the following msbuild script that copies the entire DeploymentDirectory to the VersionSpecificDirectory. Here is the snippet:

<CreateItem Include="$(DeploymentDirectory)/**/*.*" >
  <Output ItemName="AllDeploymentFilesToCopy" TaskParameter="Include" />
<Copy SourceFiles="@(AllDeploymentFilesToCopy)"
      DestinationFiles="@(AllDeploymentFilesToCopy->'$(VersionSpecificDirectory)\%(RecursiveDir)%(Filename)%(Extension)')" />

What would the script be for copying all the files in the DeploymentDirectory instead of the directory itself?

Update: I tried changing the direction of the slash to be a backward slash and the problem still exists.

Another Update: This was unrelated to the msbuild code. Both the code in my question and the code in the answer works fine for doing this.

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Try this:

    <MySourceFiles Include="c:\MySourceTree\**\*.*"/>

<Target Name="CopyFiles">

From MSDN.

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