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I have a text box on report with too long sentence Can I add a break line in the sentence?How it can Possible in SSRS Report.?

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WIth requirements clarified:

=LEFT("Leo's OfficeName",INSTR("Leo's OfficeName"," ") - 1) & VBCRLF & MID("Leo's OfficeName",INSTR("Leo's OfficeName"," ") + 1,LEN("Leo's OfficeName"))

ANd replace the text string with your column name. The first part finds the first space and takes text from the start until that character, the second parts takes the remainder. If you have multiple spaces you will need to refine this further.

Assuming that the break isn't at the start of the sentence, break it up using VBCRLF - i.e.

="Text on first line goes here" & VBCRLF & "text on second line here"

Edit - using database variables:

=Fields!Variable.Value & VBCRLF & Fields!Vairable2.Value

And of course you can use a mix of database fields and static text if required:

= Fields!Variable.Value & VBCRLF & "Text on Second Line"
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but the Problem is that the data is coming from database....... – user993634 Oct 17 '11 at 11:58
you can use the Expression option to split the text into however many characters u want per line, then use this method – Purplegoldfish Oct 17 '11 at 11:59
My data to textbox is coming from how can i split the text... – user993634 Oct 17 '11 at 12:01
i have value like this =Fields!OfficeName.Value and the OfficeName value is too big so,I want to split it and put it next line so,how it can be done? – user993634 Oct 17 '11 at 12:03
@User993634 - please give some sample text and if there are any common rules which define where the split needs to go – Dibstar Oct 17 '11 at 12:03

Check out this, it should help

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