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How can I use xmlrpclib in Python script to connect to xmlrpc service that requires authentication, but without using xmlrpc authentication?

To be specific:

  1. I use Drupal 7.8, there is of course service modules, I will use it's methods like node.create..
  2. Authentication to any HTTP address on this server is required by Shibboleth SSO
  3. I would like to use services but there is no way of loggin to Shibboleth by xmlrpc (I have to simulate regular living user actions, parse html etc).
  4. I managed to get a cookie (login successful) ready in a variable
  5. Now I want to login to services via xmlrpclib.Server("...") but using the cookie I obtained in different way.

    Is it possible?

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You can modify headers of a request from xmlrpclib client. Create a custom Transport class, and in its send_host method (I think?), you can modify the header to add the cookie you recieved.


Check this

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Ok, I will try and follow this hint. –  wtk Oct 17 '11 at 13:57

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