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Via AJAX I recieve encoded json string (json_encode) from php script:

response = "{"type":"ok","mess":"File successfuly uploaded"}"

and when I'm trying to parse this string jQuery.parseJSON(response); js-script fails coz of double quotes at start and in the end.

works fine:

jQuery.parseJSON('{"type":"ok","mess":"File successfuly uploaded"}');

how to solve this problem?

I always recieve Syntax error: "unexpected_token"

SOLVED: reason was incorrect file encoding. UTF-8 is ok

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try escaping the quotes "{\"type\"... – Joey Ciechanowicz Oct 17 '11 at 12:19

You've already solved the problem. You can't create a JSON string and ignore the standard rules of quote nesting. Either one of these will work:

//Denote string by using single quotes
response = '{"type":"ok","mess":"File successfully uploaded"}'


//Continue to use double quotes and escape the inner quotes
response = "{\"type\":\"ok\",\"mess\":\"File successfully uploaded\"}";
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How about this:

response = "{\"type\":\"ok\",\"mess\":\"File successfuly uploaded\"}";
response = "'" + response + "'";
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