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I am using Flash CS5 and only actionscript. I mainly do signal processing with an input which is a Vector., process it and then end up with a new Vector.. I would like to debug my program with the debug in Flash but when I put a breakpoint and try to see the value of Vector., it takes 5min to load and Flash is frozen (my Vector contains a lot of elements, around 1million) which is not easy at all for debugging. Is there a good way to do it ?

As an image is always helpful, clicking on the red arrow frozes Flash for a long time and sometimes make it crash : (I sometimes have after the error when I want to debug again : "You can not debug this SWF because it does not contain Actionscript" and I need to restart Flash CS 5, quite annoying).

Clicking on the red arrow frozes Flash

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I think there was a similar error in Flex builder 3 which was fixed in Flash builder 4. You might try using that, or if not you may have to splice and create smaller vectors (only for debugging). The problem is that debugger/IDE is trying to load up everything in main/UI thread. Not good. – Aditya Kumar Pandey Oct 17 '11 at 13:21
Flash Builder groups collections, so you'll see [0-99][100-199] and you can expand nodes for groups. The debugger is vastly superior, if you're deep in to debugging. – Jason Sturges Oct 18 '11 at 2:57

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