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I have Delphi 2010 built DLL with two methods:

function Foo1(a, b: Integer):PChar; export; stdcall;
function Foo2(a, b, c:Integer):PChar; export; stdcall;

exports Foo1, Foo2;

Each of them returns Result := PChar('Test') .

My C++\CLI code

in header

typedef const wchar_t* (*pFUNC1)(int a, int b);
pFUNC1 TestFoo1;

typedef const wchar_t* (*pFUNC2)(int a, int b, int c);
pFUNC2 TestFoo2;

Initialize by LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress functions. Usage: TestFoo1(0,0) and TestFoo2(0,0,0);

Both works in Release mode.
But in Debug mode Foo2 is being aborted.

Please advise what is wrong.

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Most likely you have calling convention mismatch. Change the stdcall in the Delphi to cdecl to match your C++/CLI code.

As an aside, you will need to be careful with the lifetime of your strings if ever you attempt to return a value from the DLL that is not a literal stored in read-only memory in the data segment. But that's not the problem here because PChar('Test') has the same lifetime as the DLL.

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bingo! it works. I use StrAlloc, StrPCopy, StrDispose for memory usage purpose. – RredCat Oct 17 '11 at 13:47

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