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I need to create a xpath query that will return everything listed under availabilty element.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""                  xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
           <GetAvailableTimesResult xmlns="" resultcode="SearchOk">
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T17:00:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T17:15:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T17:30:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T17:45:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T18:00:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T18:15:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T18:30:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T18:45:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T19:00:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T19:15:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T19:30:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T19:45:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T20:00:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T20:15:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T20:30:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T20:45:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T21:00:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T21:15:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T21:30:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T21:45:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T22:00:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T22:15:00"/>
        <Result available="true" time="2011-10-17T22:30:00"/>

My xpath query returns malformed xpath expression error message, the query is as follows:

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You need to define prefix for namespace in your XPath engine, e.g. prefix a, then:


It will select a:Availability element.

Or you can use this XPath:

//*[local-name() = 'Availability']
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I need to create a xpath query that will return everything listed under availabilty element



Where in your program you have associated (registered) the "x" prefix with the "" namespace.

This is the most FAQ in XPath.

Search for "XPath default namespace" to get more detailed explanation.

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Thanks to @Kirill Polishchuk

However, if you want to extract only one value of the list, you can do:

//*[local-name() = 'Availability'][position()=1]

or for the last one:

//*[local-name() = 'Availability'][last()]
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