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I was maintaining some code using ereg, and made the migration to preg_match (not forgetting the delimiter), but it broke my function.

Here is my original function, which take a file, and create a cropped copy which stopped after lines only composed of # are encountered 6 times:

function createStrippedFile($path1, $path2)
    $lines = file($path1);

    $handle = fopen($path2,"w");

    // 6
    $index = 0;

    foreach ($lines as $line)
        $line = trim($line);

        if ($index != 7)

        if (ereg("^[#]+$",$line) !== FALSE)

    fwrite($handle,"END OF DOC\r\n");

In this code I changed:

if (ereg("^[#]+$",$line) !== FALSE)


if (preg_match('/^[#]+$/',$line) !== FALSE)

but now it isn't cropping anymore. Is there anything I missed when doing the transition?

PS: If someone know of a better way to do what I'm trying to do, he can also write it.

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It seems the problem is preg_match returns 0 in case there's no matches, and 0 !== FALSE. I would try to remove this code "!== FALSE" and check if it works.

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And if I had the following check (ereg($pattern,$string)===FALSE), I could replace it by (!preg_match($preg_pattern,string)). –  Eldros Oct 17 '11 at 13:43

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