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When i extract .ZIP files(Modules e.g Ubercart,cck) on sites/all/modules Folder in drupal 6 and try to enable it from admin->modules and when i click 'save configuration.' i got the errors As shown in image.

why this happens ?? Is it require to edit database.mysqli.inc

How to correct it.. Please help.

thank you.! enter image description here

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You asked nearly exactly the same question an hour ago (stackoverflow.com/questions/7793217/…). The responses to the question are correct, please do not post duplicate questions. –  Clive Oct 17 '11 at 13:40

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The error you're receiving is because the PHP script was executing more than it's allowed by your settings. Try setting max_execution_time=180 or higher in php.ini and restart your web server.

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Either change the time limit for your scripts (e.g. using set_time_limit()), try to process chunks of data instead of one big file at once (and check up front) or try to optimize the code so it takes not so long to execute.

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I simply edited sites/default/settings.php and added the following line:

ini_set('max_execution_time', 0);


Keith Adler


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