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enter image description here

I listed categories in my website on my home page. I want the image to change to the blue version of it onhover position. I also want that picture to change to the blue version when Computer Services heading is onhover in onhover position. I coded one way but it looks like is not working properly because I went inside of the image it changed then it went back several times. Is there anybody can help me with this ?

Here is the coding I made for this;

Note: I don`t want that black text to change the color of heading or picture.

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keep in mind that your markup is not valid. You can't add a block-level element like h3 in inline element such a – Sotiris Oct 17 '11 at 14:01
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What's happening is that your <p> tag is sitting on top of the other elements, blocking the on-hover effect when you mouse over the middle of the image. There are a couple of ways you can fix this:

  • Use z-index to fix this problem by forcing the <p> tag behind the other elements.

  • Change the <p> tag to an inline tag, like <span>.

  • Apply display: inline to the <p> tag's style.

Note: if you use the second or third, you may need to adjust the positioning styles of the <p> tag.

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