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I am getting a text from the DB which contains Strings of the form


In order to recognize this I wrote the following code

String footText = "... some text containing CO<sub>2</sub>";
String co2HTML = "CO<sub>2</sub>";
Pattern pat = Pattern.compile(co2HTML);
Matcher mat = pat.matcher(footText);

final boolean hasCO2 = mat.matches();

The problem is that hasCO2 is always false although the inout text has that substring. What is wrong hete?


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What's wrong with String.contains(CharSequence)? – Kru Oct 17 '11 at 14:05
Well, in fact the code is more complex. I've posted the kern of the problem and not the whole code. I do need Patterns. Anyway, thanks for your comment. – Luixv Oct 17 '11 at 14:28
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You should use find() instead of matches(), since the latter tries to match the entire string against the pattern rather than perform a search.

From the Javadoc:

  • The matches method attempts to match the entire input sequence against the pattern.
  • The lookingAt method attempts to match the input sequence, starting at the beginning, against the pattern.
  • The find method scans the input sequence looking for the next subsequence that matches the pattern.

Also, the pattern in question doesn't really require regular expressions; you could use String.indexOf() to perform the search.

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