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I was playing around with git svn set-tree and managed to set my svn trunk match my git repository's trunk. Now that I've managed to set-tree I thought I could continue use git svn normally, but it didn't work like that.

I want to do a tag to SVN, I do following:

git svn -i trunk tag 0.1

Can't call method "full_pushurl" on an undefined value at ...\Git/libexec/git-core\git-svn line 952.

I'm running git version 1.7.7.msysgit.1 (under Windows 7 64bit), is this a bug in mysysgit?

I had to use this -i trunk thing to get the set-tree working for some reason, I only have one svn remote in git/config and am not sure why I have to use the -i.

Can I start over, by deleting the git-svn settings and somehow say to my git svn that Git head matches SVN head, so that all the commands like git svn tag and git svn dcommit would work again?

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I use SmartGit if I have to use SVN on the server and Git locally. And I create SVN tags by pressing Remote->Push advanced->Push selected tags.

As you use Windows, SmartGit can also be better for you because git-svn is very slow on Windows, but SmartGit doesn't run it but has its own implementation of git-svn written in Java.

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