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Is there an NMap wrapper implementation for Java ? I searched for it but could not find one. I want to scan network and detect applications running based on some port's state. I guess this must be a pretty common problem.

If its not nmap, then can somebody suggest alternate tools to detect the same.

Thanking in advance.

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nmap is perfect. I used to run it as external process from java and parse its output. It is simple, so I recommend you to do the same. Surely you can implement your own "wrapper" that supports use-cases you need.

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I would vote for this as an response if you rewrote it in more of a formal perspective. This doesn't really infer how easy it is to write/customize etc. –  monksy Oct 17 '11 at 15:23

There is an open source library called nmap4j that will run Nmap for you and parse the XML into objects. It's on sourceforge.net.

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nmap4j doesn't quite correctly utilize the Process output streams consumption. That directs to a nmap process hung after start (especially when nmap produces large output). + it doesn't work on Windows so far.

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