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Given this data:

  id    name
  ==    ====
  1     Alice
  2     Bob
  3     Carl

  id    name
  ==    ====
  1     Aaa
  2     Bbb

  id    organization_id   user_id
  ==    ===============   =======
  1     1                 1
  2     2                 1
  3     1                 2

I want to find users that do not belong to a particular organization X:

  • users with no membership records at all


  • users with membership records, but not for organization X.

For example, I want users that are not in organization 2. I am expecting:


Attempting with this join isn't working:

FROM users left join memberships on memberships.user_id = users.id
where memberships.id is null or memberships.organization_id <> 1

It's returning users 1,2,3 since 1 matches on the second where condition.

Is there an efficient way to do this?

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Restricting your JOIN to organization of 2 and then testing for null is the one way to do what you're looking for e.g.

FROM   users 
       LEFT JOIN memberships 
         ON memberships.user_id = users.id 
            AND memberships.organization_id = 2 
WHERE  memberships.id IS NULL 

You can also use NOT IN

FROM   users 
WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT user_id from memberships where organization_id = 2 )
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Thanks, took a while to grok it but I see now! –  jemminger Oct 17 '11 at 15:26

You can also use the minus set operator:

select "name" from users minus select "name" from users u inner join memberships m on u.id = m.user_id inner join organizations o on m.organization_id = o.id and o."name" = 'X'

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select Users.*
from users 
inner join memberships 
on Users.id = memberships.id
left join organizations 
on memberships.organization_id = organizations.id 
where memberships.id is null  AND memberships.organization_id = 2 
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Here's another option using the exists clause:

 select * from users
 where not exists 
    (select memberships.id from memberships 
      inner join organizations on memberships.organization_id = organizations.id 
      and memberships.user_id = users.id
      where organizations.id = 2)
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select u.*
from users u
left join memberships m
on u.id = m.user_id
left join organizations o
on m.organization_id = o.id
where m.organization_id not in (2)

EDIT: modified to include all users

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This doesn't seem to include users that have no memberships at all. –  jemminger Oct 17 '11 at 15:20
@jemminger try out the modified query. –  user596075 Oct 17 '11 at 15:34

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