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Ok, let me try to explain what I am trying to achieve...

Let's say that I have a collection HOUSE that embeds ROOMS. Each house has many rooms. Let's say that each room has a color attribute (blue, red, green, etc.)

Now if I want to retrieve all the houses that have a room of the color blue, I can go ahead and simply do for instance

House.where(:'rooms.color' => :blue)

However what I really want is to query all the houses that ONLY have blue rooms. And that I have no idea how to do... I could create a new attribute at the HOUSE level to "mark" if the rooms are all of the same given colors... but I would rather avoid that if I could since my current data set would need to be upgraded to reflect that.



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Have you tried?

House.only(:'rooms.color' => :blue)
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This is not the function of "only" with mongoid, it will limit the fields to display for a given document, preventing from loading all the data if it's not necessary. Thanks for trying though :) – Alex Oct 17 '11 at 16:20
Ah, sorry I guess I didn't understand the question exactly. – janders223 Oct 17 '11 at 19:21

Thinking about it with a step back... I was actually going at this the wrong way, sometime you have to negate :)

Basically having a house that only has Blue rooms, means that this house has no rooms of other colors...

So imagining that I have a finite set of possible colors like: :red :green :blue then in order to find the house that have only blue rooms, I only need to find house that have no :red or :green rooms :)

House.where(:'rooms.color'.nin => [:red, :green]) 

should do the trick :)


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@Alex You are better judge of your dataset, but theoretically following should also do the trick.

house_ids = House.where("rooms.color" => :blue).only(:_id).map(&:_id)
unwanted_house_ids = House.where("rooms.color".to_sym.ne => :blue).only(:_id).map(&:_id)
houses_with_only_blue_rooms = House.all.for_ids(house_ids - unwanted_house_ids)
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