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When the user is clicking on a link with the class "edit_resource", the content of a div should be replaced by a partial. Here is my code:

  var id = $(this).attr("id")
  $('#id' + id + '_show').html("<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:@resource => resource})%>")

The code is working as expected, except that that escape_javascript doesn't work. The new content of the div is the text

<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:@resource => resource})%>

, and this is also what is shown on the page.

No code is executed, and my partial isn't rendered. I have tried to use <%== instead of <%= without luck.

I have also tried

<%= raw escape_javascript(render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:@resource => resource})%>

I have even tried to replace the partial part of the code with just simple rails code. That didn't help either.

What can I do?

I use Rails 3.0.10, and my javascript_include_tag is like this:

<%= javascript_include_tag 'jquery-1.6.2.min', 'jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.min', 'application', 'jquery.rails.js'%>

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Add .html_safe after the closing bracket of escape_javascript

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Didn't help... Thank's for your reply. – Johan Hovda Oct 17 '11 at 19:07
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I have put my js in a js.erb-file, and finally managed to use my variables in the right way.

Here's my code:

$('#id' + '<%= @id %>' + '_show').html('<%= escape_javascript(raw render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:@resource => Resource.find_by_id(@id)}).html_safe %>')

And in the controller: format.js { @id = params[:id]}

In the view: <%= link_to t('edit'), resources_path(:id =>, :remote => true %>

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I don't think you can have :@resource @ followed by an symbol :

<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:@resource => resource})%>

Just take that @ out

<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => 'form', :locals => {:resource => resource})%>

and use the variable by calling resource in your partial

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Thanks for your reply! Using :@resource works very well in a non-ajax variant I have used for testing. I have nevertheless tried to change this according to your advise, but it didn't help. If :@resource was the problem, I think I would have got an error message. The only thing I get is the whole escape-thing as a string on my page – Johan Hovda Oct 17 '11 at 19:02

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