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In my program I have some recorded voice. After that I need to recognition it, for example: I launched program, saying something, and when program received word that have been recorded it shows UIAlertView. Anybody knows any sdk or example code? Thanks..

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Hope the below link will helpful for you. They will also provide sample app for recognizing sounds. Download it and try it.

Ispeech SDK

Please note that ispeech does not perform natural voice recognition and the advertising materials are very misleading. The voice recognition piece of iSpeech requires a set vocabulary similar to the open source (and free) OpenEars SDK.

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Nuance recently updated their developer program to give mobile developers limited free access to their speech recognition servers. Look at http://dragonmobile.nuancemobiledeveloper.com/public/index.php

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If you don't want to use network to transfer audio, try OpenEars, the library for embedded speech recognition on IPhone


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