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A few weeks ago, I asked a question regarding Microsoft Lightswitch 2011 and an issue with adding or modifying records. The response was to apply the hotfix mentioned in KB2534087. My original questions is here for your review: Lightswitch does not allow adding or modifying records in MySQL. This fix worked and was applied when I had Lightswitch Beta 2 installed on my workstation.

This week, I uninstalled Lightswitch Beta 2 to install the final release of Lightswitch. Following installation of the final release, the nested transactions error reappeared. I attempted a rerun the hotfix for KB2534087 and got the error message "KB2534087 does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer". I have spent a day and a half attempting to remedy this problem without luck including uninstalling and reinstalling Lightswitch.

Has anyone seen this new issue and been able to solve it?



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If you want/need to skip the hot fix. The code in this question is working just fine for me.

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