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I have a little but important doubt about Low-Level Datastore from Google App Engine. I need a document structure like this :

{infNfe id="1234"

Note that det element is a Map too, but unfortunately datastore do not accept Map as indexed property.

Locking some example, I found something like it:

Entity i = new Entity("infNfe","key");
Entity det1 = new Entity("det",i.getKey());
..Others dests..

But, when I query some child entity, I get incomplete references.

Query dq= new Query("det");
..Printing result..

By this approach I can only get one det entity at a time. How can I get the parent and children at once ?


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The problem with the child method is that you end up with lots of entities, which means more cost because you pay per get/put/query result (at least under the new pricing).

Objectify is a great framework for doing these queries. To do a map using Objectify, you create a second class with the two types you want to map:

class Det
    long nItem;
    String prod;

class InfNfe
    @Id Long id;
    @Embedded List<Det> dets;

It will then store data like the following

id = 1
dets.nItem = [1, 2, 3, 4] = ["A", "B", "C", "D"]

with Objectify, you can then specify which items are indexed and you can query based on some of this data (although I don't know off hand how it manages to query data in the middle of an array).

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