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I'm looking for a some sort of management/reporting tool that collects the results of tests, stores them for reporting, then lets users generate reports based on those tests.

We have numerous test running tools that run on a variety of platforms, but all output test results in the JUnit format. The test are not specific to hardware or platform, but rather generic. What we would like to do is have an automated (or manual) test run be able to submit it to a central location along with additional information, like platform, OS, hardware configuration and maybe user defined data. The management/reporting tool would store this data.

Then, a manager would be able to go to the tool and request (or more likely, access a dashboard that developers have setup) an update on the current status. This could be a list of test results that were run in a particular configuration, or a hardware status, or just the results of specific test(s).

Any suggestions?

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We built a test management tool Enterprise Tester (www.enterprisetester.com) that allows users to pull automated test results in nUnit, nUnit, XSLT, Selenium etc and report off the results.

In addition to pulling the results and reporting you are able to trace these tests back to requirements that have been created giving you the ability to see test coverage and the status of this coverage on dashboards. If you are using JIRA (or google) or anything that uses open social gadgets you can pass these gadgets to other tools also.

Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to talk further about it Regards Bryce

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Check out Hudson. it's very useful and configurable

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Hudson is likely as close as you'll get out-of-the box for doing this with open source software.Your reporting requirements seem like they might be quite well defined, in which case I'd recommend some basic XSLT on the JUnit output (or Python, or whatever, if you hate XSLT with a passion), rather than trying to get an off-the-shelf tool to do what you want. –  Alastair Maw Oct 17 '11 at 16:50
We are using Jenkins (we prefer over Hudson) already - for building and doing the actual test executions. But so far, we haven't found a way within Jenkins to handle all the test results from the various test jobs and allow some degree of querying. If there is way to do this within Hudson/Jenkins, I would go for that - but don't know of any. –  Jason Swager Oct 17 '11 at 17:00

You can also try an open source project called Allure Framework. It was created specially for showing test execution results in a nice form. A set of popular test frameworks such as JUnit, PHPUnit, TestNG, py.test, RSpec, Scalatest are already supported. Other ones such as NUnit will be supported soon.

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Allure is not a test result management tool - it's just a test report generation framework. It does not keep track of your test runs and is not able of showing statistics over the time. –  Anton Chikin Aug 8 '14 at 20:44

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