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I want to share some flash file hosted in my website to Facebook stream, as far I knew my domain should be whitelisted by Facebook but unfortunately I don't know who can I do that.


Any advice?

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When you create a post using Graph API, you have to supply the following parameters, and invoke the Graph API Endpoint. There is a parameter named video which accepts any external video url (in supported formats) or link to an swf file

So I hope you got the idea on sharing the flash based content from an external domain.

if (accessToken) {
   var data = {
       method: 'feed',
       link: link,
       picture: picture,
       name: name,
       caption: caption,
       description: description,
       source: video,
   FB.api("/" + to + "/feed", 'post', data, function(response) {
       //check the response
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Thanks Hasin, any permission I should take from facebook in order to do that? In other word, in article I have provided in original post, the writer said 'If you paid especially close attention to the documentation linked above, you’ll also note that multimedia sharing won’t work if your domain is not whitelisted by Facebook. This is to protect Facebook from people who might want to distribute illegal content' any idea about how to register my domain in facebook whitelist ? –  Ahmed Nyazy Oct 17 '11 at 18:01
no other permission but publish_stream - well it's hard to find if your domain is black listed. So you can find that only after trial-and-error :) –  Hasin Hayder Oct 17 '11 at 18:04
hummm, well, lets simplify our example, I tried to share the following flash file on facebook wall, I was expecting it should run like a youtube link, but unfortunately it didn't :( shoofbetak.com/projects/misc/Portosokhna1/porto.swf on the same time when I tried to share a youtube link youtube.com/watch?v=D1kdUs7aiAw&feature=related it works fine. hope you have got my point. –  Ahmed Nyazy Oct 18 '11 at 8:43

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