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I created a python script to a while to retrieve all the local users of windows machines on my network. I used the win32net library. I now need to do this for Mac and Linux machines. I have have been search for a while now and still have nothing but a long list of Mac and Linux user groups that meet around my house. Does anyone have a suggested library to look into?

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Will this run on the machine locally, or are you connecting remotely and running it? – birryree Oct 17 '11 at 17:23
Connect remotely – iFetus Oct 17 '11 at 17:47

I think your best bet is to use POSIX standard interface, e.g. getent via package

getent.passwd() should work pretty much analogous to getpwent system call.

EDIT: If you are doing this remotely it probably means that you can't install python packages on the hosts, so you might just want to read the contents of /etc/passwd and parse it. Something like (assuming you have the ssh command in path and you have set up public key authentication):

import subprocess
users = []
p = subprocess.Popen(['ssh','<host name or ip address>','cat /etc/passwd'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
passwd = p.stdout.readlines()
for line in passwd:
    fields = line.split(':')
    uid = int(fields[2])
    if uid > 500 and uid < 32328
print users
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