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The super-class can be referred to by the keyword, super, and the current class can be referred to via, this, but is there a way to refer to the class that contains the nested class/anonymous class?

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possible duplicate of keyword for the outer class from an anonymous inner class? – aioobe Oct 17 '11 at 17:21
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Yes. Like this:

public class OuterClass {
    class InnerClass {
        void method() {
            // Refer to outer class instance
            doSomething( OuterClass.this );

        void doSomething(OuterClass outer) {
            // ...
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I think you're looking for this answer.

Basically, if your outer class is called Container you use this syntax:


That will ensure that you will be calling the outer class's methodNameGoesHere() method even if there is a duplicate method in your anonymous class.

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