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Once I've finished my Ruby On Rails app, I want to deploy it on a server.

What steps should I do? Should I generate a file as for example a .war in Java?

Thanks a lot

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Capistrano is the most popular way to deploy Ruby On Rails. Enjoy this screencast.

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You can follow this link.You will get a clear idea about Ruby On Rails app deploy

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If you're deploying to regular server (non cloud) you can use the capistrano gem here's a good screencast on how to. If you want a cloud based service you can't beat Heroku.

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Ideal and Easy way - you need to you best practices like

  1. Version control with Git
  2. Heroku Setup (which is free) (You can think for engine yard)

Here is the few links

Version control with Git

Deploying with Heroku

Link from Heroku

Please let me know if you need more information on this.

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