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I've recently been playing around with fluent nhibernate & more specifically persistence specification testing.

However, I keep running into a sql lite error while running a relatively simple test with nunit when building the schema for the test on this line: (SessionSource.BuildSchema(Session)).

System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException : SQLite error near "/": syntax error

Seeking some some guidance on what I am doing wrong as I'm relatively new to fluent. Is there an easier way to troubleshoot this error message?

public class Contact
    public int Id { get; protected set; }
    // some other properties 
    public IList<Note> Notes { get; set; }

public ContactMapping()
    Id(m => m.Id).GeneratedBy.Identity();
    HasMany(x => x.Notes).KeyColumns.Add("ContactId");

public class Note
    public int Id { get; protected set; }
    public Contact Contact { get; set; }
    public string Title { get; set; }
    public string Description { get; set; }

public NoteMapping()
    Id(m => m.Id).GeneratedBy.Identity();
    Map(m => m.Title).Not.Nullable().Length(250);
    Map(m => m.Description).Not.Nullable().Length(2500);
    References(x => x.Contact).Column("ContactId").Cascade.All();


public void SetupContext()
    var cfg = Fluently.Configure()
    SessionSource = new SessionSource(cfg.BuildConfiguration()
                                            .Properties, PersistenceModel());
    Session = SessionSource.CreateSession();

private static PersistenceModel PersistenceModel()
    var model = new PersistenceModel();
    return model;

And finally the persistence test:

new PersistenceSpecification<Contact>(Session)
    .CheckProperty(c => c.Id, 1)
    .CheckProperty(c => c.First, "Coding")
    .CheckProperty(c => c.Last, "Quiz")
    .CheckProperty(c => c.Email, "mail@test.com")
    .CheckReference(c => c.Notes, new Note { Title = "Title", Description = "Description" })
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You should be using CheckList in the PersistanceSpecification class instead of CheckReference in the above code.

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Thanks Cole, will keep that in mind. However, my problem is that the schema generation seems to be failing for some reason prior to the action test execution on this line: SessionSource.BuildSchema(Session) –  Jesse Oct 17 '11 at 19:58

Well, I feel a little silly. One of the columns I had excluded from my initial post was DateTime field which had an incorrect default value set which in turn was generating invalid sql when building the schema.

Outputting the configuration of the table when building the schema highlighted my error.

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