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I have an application that communicates with a third-party application via the COM. There are .NET classes that we are able to reference within our code. Is there a way to based on a conditional intialize a class that only exists in a later version of the third-party application and have it still work with the earlier version of the third-party application?

The filename that is referenced is the same between the two versions.

I suspect there might be a way to do this, if there is, I have seen it once in my 10 years of using C# and paid no attention to it.

Just looking for a keyword, or something that will allow me to research my options, the only way to determine what version of the third-application installed is to call its own method this likely would exclude a preprocessor conditonal.

Clarification of "reference a class":

using third.party.library

We later on in any old class.....

third.party.library.class example = new third.party.library.class();

Its be an very long day so my ability and remember the technical terms is affected. I realized the term "reference a class" made sense without additional context.

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Not sure whether I understand term "reference a class".

You can do a conditional referencing of an entire Assembly (DLL)

        Condition="$(AppVersion == '2.0')" />

or conditionally include a source file into a project

       Condition="$(AppVersion == '2.0')" />

Both using MSBuild Condition in csproj file.

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