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I am new to Jython, how do you convert a datetime type (of Jython) to java.util.Date?

thank you.

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Be aware of this:

java.util.Date.getTime() gives the milliseconds since the epoch while Jython (just like CPython) gives seconds since the epoch. So you need to divide the values given from java.util.Date by 1000

From Jython's FAQ

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Here is my solution:

from java.util import Calendar, GregorianCalendar

def datetimeToJavaDate(value):
    cal = GregorianCalendar(value.year, value.month - 1, value.day, 
        value.hour, value.minute, value.second)
    cal.set (Calendar.MILLISECOND, value.microsecond / 1000)
    return cal.getTime()
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How would you support timezones? –  wberry Aug 10 '12 at 15:27

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