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Sql server query takes 1 second when run in query analyzer with single user. I started stress tool written by Adam Machanic with same query and run that for 200 users and in parrallel I ran the same query in query analyzer it takes more than when 20 second.

How to find which join or where clause is creating problem in a stress test situation. What is taking so long?

Thanks, Ron

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Can you show us the query, and explain the context (tables involved etc.) a bit more?? Without anything to go on, it's really really hard to give any sane advice.... –  marc_s Oct 17 '11 at 19:22

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It's likely going to be locking and blocking. A starting point is reading this article on the MSDN that gives a sproc you can run (and the output of which is very verbose). Indexes may be one way to sort it out, but without any more information (schema, query, volumes of data, etc) it's unlikely we can provide more.

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see this article: Slow in the Application, Fast in SSMS? Understanding Performance Mysteries by Erland Sommarskog, it is the most comprehensive article that I've ever seen on this issue.

I'd bet that it is one of The Default Settings, like QUOTED_IDENTIFIER.

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