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Is there a way to suppress, stop or, otherwise, control the settings for, or display of, background tasks in PyCharm? Selecting the IronPython interpreter causes it to update skeletons (seemingly) every time the interpreter is selected and usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete, rendering the IDE nearly unusable. Most times, I can't even carry on with normal work as most of the context menus are disabled during the operation.

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Please upgrade to PyCharm 2.0. It's likely that the problem with generating skeletons of binary modules is already fixed.

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Because today 2013-11-14Thu, it's 2 years after your bug and no other people are complaining about the pycharm, now 3.0, problem, I believe it is actually probably a Mac OSX issue. Numerous programs on my brand new 10.8.5 machine run way way over 100%. Pycharm updating skeletons was just taking 330% and making my fan spin crazily.

From lots of previous googling I found a little script that can temporarily fix the problem; http://www.willnolan.com/cputhrottle/cputhrottle.html Run it as so;

sudo CpuThrottle xxx 25

where xxx = your process ID per Activity Monitor, and 25 = whatever %cpu you wish to limit it to. Upon clicking return, it will only last as long as one does not click ctrl-c. I read on the mac boards about a bug in the code where it would seek to use all available resources in looking for system updates, the same as this thing is doing. So I guess, alas we have to live with it. At least we have the little tool. Sigh.

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This was on Windows 7. –  Bill Craun Nov 25 '13 at 16:18
ok. I do not think I have seen the problem on Win8. I run both win/mac. I'll keep an eye out. –  AnneTheAgile Nov 26 '13 at 18:27
As for 2015-01-25, problem still appears. Updating skeletons has not been finished yet. –  George yesterday
@George, which machine OS/version are you on? –  AnneTheAgile yesterday
@AnneTheAgile Windows 8.1 x64. This operation took about one hour. When I opened PyCharm again, it seems this operation was not performed again. I think it's how it should work normally. Anyway, it would be convenient to mark some packages as ignored. –  George yesterday

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