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I had a good time playing with Active Admin the administrative framework within my application.

When I installed it I ran

rails g active_admin:install
rake db:migrate
rails g active_admin:resource product

and it generated alot of migrations and code within my application.

My question if I would like to go back and have everything that active_admin put into my application taken out, how would i do so?

Is there one 'rails active_admin:uninstall' command to get rid of everything or do I have to manually create migrations to delete all the tables and search through my code to see what it added?

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If you run the following code it should destroy active admin:

rails destroy active_admin:install
rails destroy active_admin:resource product
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You don't even need the second line it seems. – David Tuite Dec 13 '11 at 7:22
Also, keep in mid that if you set up an AdminUser model when you added ActiveAdmin, this will destroy it, along with any methods you added to it. – David Tuite Dec 13 '11 at 7:35
Beware that some trash code will be left in 'routes.rb' and 'schema.rb'. Do a search for 'admin' and comment the unnecessary code, or it may cause errors later. – chech Jun 5 '13 at 15:28
do i need to rollback the migration – lngs Sep 30 '13 at 12:02
Also remove gem 'activeadmin' from your gem file or it will install again next time you bundle = ] – rii Aug 18 at 4:08

Run this in terminal

rails destroy active_admin:install

Remove gem 'active_admin' from your gemfile.

Delete the asset files from js and css folders if any remain

Delete any of these lines in Routes.rb

  devise_for :admin_users, ActiveAdmin::Devise.config

Then create a new migration with:

  drop_table :active_admin_comments

You may also need:

  drop_table :admin_notes

Or rollback the migrations by finding the relevant files MoveAdminNotesToComments and CreateAdminNotes in your db/migrate folder

rake db:migrate:down VERSION=the_version_number
rake db:migrate:down VERSION=the_version_number
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The new drop migration is much cleaner than the rollback one, but thanks for making this good answer, everything is in here ;) – gfd Feb 6 at 21:16
For everyone ease, I did : rails generate migration drop_active_admin_comments modified the migration like this: `` class DropActiveAdminComments < ActiveRecord::Migration def up drop_table :active_admin_comments end def down raise ActiveRecord::IrreversibleMigration end end `` `` bundle exec rake db:migrate `` the table and indexes are gone ;) – gfd Feb 6 at 21:30
Ok, I just don't know how to format a comment with code in it... so I've finally been rejected the right to reedit my previous comment :/ – gfd Feb 6 at 21:37
Oh and don't forget to remove the gem 'active_admin' entry in your Gemfile once the rails destroy active_admin:install is done ;) – gfd Feb 6 at 21:39
Yes. Thank you I have done this now. It works. Destroyed the active_admin and reinstalled the latest version. Rails and Windows 7 dont like eachother much :D – zer02 May 16 at 17:46

You also need to delete all the active admin related js and css files in your assets folder after running rails destroy active_admin:install

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