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I'm trying to add an function to an a click event to my code. This is to use Isotope.js, a pretty cool jQuery tool, by the way.

So the code below works as follows: Clicking on the data-filter link in the <ul> fires isotope. That populates the page with the various <li> that match the data-filter parameter. All good.

But then I have additional code that modifies the size of one <li> so I need isotope to fire the following on the click of any <li> - Isotope is a dynamic page layout tool that uses masonry.

.isotope( 'reLayout', callback )

Which resets layout properties and lays-out every item element. See - isotope.js relayout

I think I just need another piece of code for the script that triggers the relayout function when an <li> is clicked.

This is what I have...

<ul><a class="black" href="#" data-filter=".'.$folder.'">'.$folder.'</a> </ul>';

<li><a href="'.$file.'">'.rtrim($name,'.mp3').'</a></li>;

  $('#filters a').click(function(){
  var selector = $(this).attr('data-filter');
  $('#container').isotope({ filter: selector });
  return false;

  masonry : {
    columnWidth : 1

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      // change size of clicked element
      $container.delegate( '.element', 'click', function(){

This is the code page uses when they do exactly what you are trying to do. This same approach should work for you to.

So $container would be your $("#container") and .element would be the same as the elements in your container. This adds or removes a class "large" which the class "large" has css which gives that element a larger size. Then as you noted the isotope gets called with "relayout".

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Thanks for getting back so fast... believe me, I've really tried with the documentation on the site. The part I don't get is that he is toggling the size with his code. My <li> links trigger a whole bunch of code (soundmanager2) that does the resizing. So I just want to very simply say: trigger the relayout when the user clicks on an <li>. Possible? – user987721 Oct 17 '11 at 22:34
That is almost exactly what this code does – Keith.Abramo Oct 17 '11 at 23:57
Hi,Thanks - that did work. I had to just remove the line about toggling the class. – user987721 Oct 18 '11 at 10:57

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