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I have an Activity with two EditText fields. So when I press enter in the first one the second one becomes focused.

However I want to disable Enter key in the first EditText sometimes (for example when I think that the user haven't made a proper input into the first EditText).

I' ve overwriten onKeyDown for the 1st EditText returning true when key event is KEYCODE_ENTER but that doesn't help.

What shall I do?

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How about adding an OnFocusChangeListener? When your EditText looses focus, you can do validation and can do a requestFocus for the "right" field.

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Yes, but if in onFocusChangeListener I set the focus back to my EditText that'll completely prevent me from leaving my EditText until I've made the 'correct' input. I don't really want that. Instead, in such case, I would like to disable Enter key only. Do you think I'd better not do this as this might contradict Android UI guidelines? –  Alex Oct 17 '11 at 20:38
Maybe this helps: stackoverflow.com/questions/1489852/… –  Tom Oct 17 '11 at 20:49

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